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President’s Message 2023

On behalf of RONCO associates, I would like to wish you and your families health, happiness, peace, and prosperity in 2023.

2022 was yet again a year of challenges in terms of market dynamics, price volatility, supply chain breakdowns, freight issues and more; however, we endured and delivered! Over the last few years, we have learnt how to operate efficiently in good times and in difficult times. As they say, adversity is the best teacher and the lessons we learnt helped us become better each day and deliver what we promised to our customers.

In 2021, we started working on our internal processes and systems to enhance efficiencies and although this is a continuous improvement project, last year we were able to put in place several improved systems to ensure our commitment on quality is never compromised. Technology has always served us well and I would like to acknowledge and thank all our associates for helping us maintain our promise of providing consistent quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our mask manufacturing facility is in its 3rd year of operation, growing from strength to strength with 2 styles of N95 masks and 3 styles of pleated surgical masks. We are proud to support the citizens with high quality, Made in Canada masks; taking care of the needs of occupational safety industry while providing employment opportunities to Canadian workforce. We continue to work with McMaster University to bring further innovations and technical advancements to the PPE industry.

2022 also marked the opening of our non-woven manufacturing facility in China. The factory, located in Hebei province became operational in summer and today we are manufacturing coveralls, lab coats, bouffant caps and more in this plant, serving industrial and healthcare customers across Canada and the globe.

After a gap of 2 years, we were able to go back and meet our international customers and partners at world’s largest healthcare show, Medica in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was great to be able to meet all our partners in person; we look forward to serving them all with their PPE needs.

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My outlook for 2023 is positive as the market stabilizes. Regardless of market situation, one thing I can promise you is our dedication, our passion to serve you and our commitment to staying your PPE Supplier of Choice. I sincerely believe that our business foundations of quality and service are the reasons for our success, and we will continue to demonstrate this along with the value-add programs that we bring to marketplace.

Our emphasis on innovations and new product development has never been stronger. 2022 saw us launching a few environmentally friendly products and 2023 will continue this trend, adding more sustainable products to our portfolio while focusing on new product development, bringing in more technological advancements in the PPE marketplace.

Again, I would like to thank all of you for your support and trust, all our customers, distributors, vendors, end-users, associates, and business partners, wishing you good health and great success. All the best and have a wonderful 2023!


Ron Pecchioli

President / CEO


President’s Message 2023 Ron Pecchioli

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