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Ice Cleats

Step confidently into winter with Ronco’s Ice Cleats – your reliable partner in navigating icy terrains. Engineered with precision and crafted for durability, these industrial-grade ice cleats redefine winter safety.

They are specially designed traction devices that you can attach to your footwear to provide an additional grip on icy and slippery surfaces. Our cleats, in particular, are engineered with industrial-grade quality to ensure durability and effectiveness in challenging winter conditions.

Ronco’s  cleats are equipped with durable and effective ice-penetrating studs made of stainless steel, providing ultimate traction on icy surfaces. Whether you’re walking, working, or even driving in icy conditions, this product is designed to keep you safe and steady.

Key Features:

  • StudGrip Traction: Unmatched stability
  • Mid Sole Configuration: Versatile edge
  • Durable Industrial Quality: Built to endure
  • Strap-On Attachment: Secure fit
  • Adjustable One Size: Customized comfort
  • Rotatable Design: Adaptability
  • Ice-Penetrating Studs: Maximum traction
  • Fits Industrial Footwear: Versatility in use
  • Lightweight & Compact: Easy movement
  • Wearable While Driving: Commute with confidence


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99-188One SizeBlack / OrangePlastic Body and Stainless Steel SpikeMid Sole Grip3.5mm
99-18810 Pairs Per Bag (Each Pair of Cleats Come in Individual Bag) x 20 Bags = 200 Pairs of Cleats Per Case628670998245