Foam Padded Safety Glasses, With Headband

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Introducing the Nova Foam Padded Safety Glasses, a pinnacle of eye protection designed with your safety in mind

Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, these glasses are fortified with an anti-scratch hard coat and an anti-fog treatment, ensuring clear vision even in demanding conditions.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing these glasses provide an impressive 99.9% protection against harmful UV radiation.

Compliance is key, and these glasses exceed the rigorous CAN/CSA Z94.3 Standard, as well as meeting or surpassing the stringent ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 standards.

Engineered to withstand high-velocity impacts and resist high-mass forces, these glasses offer an extra layer of security in high-risk situations.

Elevate your eye protection with the Nova Foam Padded Safety Glasses – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering durability. Experience safety that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style.

Product features:
● A 9.5 base wraparound Polycarbonate lens provides an expansive field of vision, shielding your eyes from various angles.
● Slim, flexible temples guarantee a snug and pressure-free fit for all-day comfort, enhancing your focus on the task at hand.
● Engineered for resilience and durability, these glasses are your steadfast companion, standing up to the rigors of daily wear.
● The EVA Foam sealed gasket forms a protective barrier against splashes, dust, and airborne particles, ensuring your eyes remain shielded in any environment.
● The anti-fog coating ensures clear, trouble-free vision, allowing you to work with confidence.
● A scratch-resistant hard-coated Polycarbonate lens maintains optical clarity, even after extended use.

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82-377-FOne SizeClear LensPolycarbonateAnti-Fog
82-394-FOne SizeSmoke LensPolycarbonateAnti-Fog
82-377-F12 Pairs Per Box X 12 Boxes Per Case = 144 Pairs Per Case
82-394-F12 Pairs Per Box X 12 Boxes Per Case = 144 Pairs Per Case