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Nitech EDT® The Glove that Fits Your Every Need


The Perfect Fit:


NITECH EDT® serves as an optimal solution for individuals in search of a protection level that falls between vinyl and nitrile gloves. Offering enhanced chemical protection compared to vinyl gloves and a more budget-friendly price point than nitrile, it strikes a perfect balance. This makes it a highly advantageous choice for a wide range of industries and applications where reliable hand protection is essential. Whether in medical settings, food handling, or industrial environments, NITECH EDT® provides the ideal blend of performance and affordability, ensuring peace of mind and safety for users.


The Innovation Behind NITECH EDT®


Patented Blend: It is not your average glove. Crafted from a patented blend of premium synthetic materials, it sets a new standard in hand protection.

Easy Donning Technology (EDT): No more struggling with gloves on moist hands. The Easy Donning Technology in gloves makes slipping them on easy

Award-Winning Excellence: NITECH EDT® won the OH&S 2016 “New Product of the Year” Award in the Hand Protection Category.

Versatility at Its Best: From medical to food applications, NITECH EDT® is the “For Everything In Between” glove. Explore its 100% powder-free, latex-free design that caters your needs.

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FAQs: Your Questions, Answered!


1. Are NITECH EDT® gloves suitable for medical use?

Absolutely! NITECH EDT® gloves, with a Health Canada Medical Device License, excel in medical settings, providing necessary protection without compromising comfort.


2. Can I use NITECH EDT® for food handling?

Yes, you can. These gloves are 100% powder-free, making them ideal for food handling, ensuring safety and hygiene.


3. What makes NITECH EDT® different from traditional latex gloves?

This glove goes beyond latex, offering a latex-free solution with the added benefits of flexibility and easy donning.


4.  Are these gloves suitable for sensitive skin?

Indeed, they are. The synthetic blend in NITECH EDT® makes them suitable for sensitive skin, eliminating worries of allergic reactions.


5. How does Easy Donning Technology (EDT) work?

EDT simplifies the process of putting on gloves, even on moist hands or in sweaty / humid conditions. It’s a game-changer, ensuring ease and convenience in every use.




Discover the future of hand protection with NITECH EDT® – where innovation meets comfort, and safety is redefined.

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