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Growth of Industrial Glove market

The Global Industrial Gloves Market is anticipated to reach over USD 10 Billion by 2024, (Applied Research report) growing at a CAGR of over 10% during the forecast period, due to COVID-19 and the increased awareness about safety at workplaces.

The Asia-Pacific market will exhibit the highest CAGR during the forecast period, both in terms of volume and revenue, the report predicts. Use  of gloves in end-user industries, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food, is growing as they ensure not only the safety of the workers    but also to meet the growing demands across the globe. Though the pandemic might have triggered this growth the most important  being the demand for high-dexterity gloves in various essential industries.

With cases of COVID-19 continue to rise every given day, the demand for quality gloves among various industries increases more so in the healthcare sector. The recent introduction of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as the use of fillers, polyurethane coatings and thermal gravimetric analysis, has given rise to cost-effective reusable industrial gloves, thereby supplementing the market  growth. Disposable industrial gloves are mainly used to prevent cross-contamination between industrial personnel and products.

While North America is currently the leading market for industrial gloves, the demand for such gloves in Europe is expected to outpace that of North America by 2026.

Industrial gloves at RONCO

At RONCO, we continue to add different industrial gloves to our existing lines.

All of these products facilitate various industries such as Chemical, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, material handling, oil & gas, mining and other general uses.  We continue to strive on innovation as we bring more innovative product to leverage the growing needs on a global scale.   market#:~:text=Industrial%20Gloves%20Market%20Outlook%20%2D%202027,10.4%25%20from%202020%20to%202027.