Integra™ 77-486

Integra™ 77-486

Double Dipped PVC Gloves, Foam Insulated


Introducing our Integra PVC Coated Winter Insulated, Safety Cuff, Anti-Slip, Brown Gloves, engineered to provide exceptional hand protection without sacrificing comfort. The durable PVC coating ensures resistance against abrasions, remaining pliable even in chilly conditions. This coating also grants effective defense against water, oil, and grease.

Designed with your comfort in mind, these gloves feature a soft jersey cotton lining, along with curved fingers and a wing thumb for a natural fit. The foam insulation not only keeps hands warm but also enhances overall wearability.

Experience unparalleled grip for secure handling of heavy-duty objects, ensuring safety in every task. Elevate your hand protection with these gloves that strike the perfect balance between durability and comfort.

Product features:
“● Double Dipped Brown and provides excellent oil and grease repellency with PVC coating

● Ensures flexibility even at low temperatures
● Keeps hands warm, dry, and protected from abrasions
● Offers an exceptional grip for secure handling in various tasks
● Non-woven fabric liner with safety cuff. Anti-slip and anti-cutting.

*This product is made to order

Expected Mechanical Ratings:

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77-486-10X-LargeBrownPVCSafety Cuff
77-486-112X-LargeBrownPVCSafety Cuff
77-486-1012 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case
77-486-1112 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case