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RSA: Enhancing Safety and Productivity


In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, ensuring workplace safety is critical. RONCO Safety Assessment (RSA) emerges as a customized safety solution, catering directly to end-users. By identifying safety objectives and recommending the right protective equipment, it not only enhances user safety but also fosters cost-effective objectives with enhanced productivity.


Understanding RONCO Safety Assessment (RSA): A Tailored Safety Solution


RSA isn’t just another safety program; it is an approach designed to analyze tasks and applications, monitor them in real-time, and provide recommendations for the most suitable PPE. This customized approach ensures that every aspect of user safety is addressed with precision and efficiency.


The Importance of Safety Analysis


Why do we analyze safety? The answer lies in the staggering costs associated with workplace injuries and accidents.


Lost Time Injury (LTI) Costs

In Ontario alone, the average cost of a new injury is a staggering $21,300. Moreover, indirect costs, including re-hiring, re-training, and lost productivity, amount to an average of $85,200 per incident.

Short-Term Disability (STD) Statistics

British Columbia reports 45,891 claims of short-term disability, with an additional 5,756 cases of long-term disability reported to WorkSafe BC. These statistics underscore the pressing need for proactive safety measures.


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RONCO Safety Assessment (RSA) Process


  1. Data Collection

The process begins with comprehensive data collection, where relevant information regarding the workplace environment, tasks performed, and existing safety protocols are gathered by our representatives.

  1. Application Assessment

Next, an in-depth assessment of the application is conducted to understand the specific safety requirements and challenges associated with the tasks performed.

  1. Recommendation

Based on the data collected and application assessment, RSA provides tailored PPE recommendations aimed at enhancing safety measures, improving productivity, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing costs.

  1. Validation Testing

Before finalizing recommendations, validation testing is conducted to ensure the proposed solutions are effective and align with the unique needs of the workplace.

  1. End-user Feedback

End-user feedback is gathered to assess the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed recommendations, ensuring they meet the expectations and requirements of those directly involved in the tasks.

  1. Customer Acceptance

At this stage, the final proposal is presented to the client, incorporating any adjustments based on validation testing and end-user feedback. Customer acceptance marks the finalization of the proposed safety solutions.

  1. Implementation & Training

Once the proposal is accepted, implementation of the recommended safety measures begins. Training sessions may also be conducted to ensure proper usage and understanding of the implemented safety solutions and protocols.

  1. Continuous Business Review

RSA emphasizes the importance of continuous business review, where ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the implemented safety measures are conducted. This ensures that safety standards are maintained, and adjustments are made as necessary to address evolving workplace needs and challenges.




RSA offers a comprehensive approach to safety assessment, aiming not only to mitigate risks but also to optimize productivity and operational efficiency. By analyzing specific needs, understanding application requirements, and integrating safety programs seamlessly into existing frameworks, RSA empowers organizations to create safer, more productive work environments.





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