Eco Friendly Paper Band

Paper band ppe vending

Discover the advantages of using paper bands over rubber bands for your packaging needs. Embracing paper bands aligns perfectly with our commitment to reducing waste and lessening the environmental impact of packaging materials. These bands are engineered to be robust and long-lasting, providing a secure hold for PPE products throughout the packaging and transit process. 



Reducing Waste

Product Safety

VendPack Advantages


Hassle free packaging for effortless stocking and maintenance, jam free design with a seamless fit to prevent interruptions.


Paper bands are gentle on the products, stronger and can easily be recycled with any other paper products.


From head to toe, RONCO offers a comprehensive range of PPE, ensuring your safety.

Packaging Options

Explore the four distinct packaging types below and discover the one that suits your requirement best

Experience streamlined access with PPE dispensed directly from our convenient and user-friendly dispensers.

Compact and organized, our PPE products are neatly rolled for quick retrieval and effortless dispensing.

Secure and hygienic, our PPE items are individually bagged, ensuring protection until the moment they’re needed.

Embrace eco-friendliness as our PPE products come wrapped in sustainable paper bands, reducing plastic waste.

Optimized For Most Machines

Whichever packaging type you choose, VendPack is dedicated to delivering quality, convenience, and responsible solutions for your PPE needs. Elevate your safety experience today! Get your free sample today!

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